Puuc Route Map and Infographic

The Puuc Route, also known as Ruta Puuc, is a great day trip to make while visiting the Yucatan. (Many claim it’s an experience that you shouldn’t leave out of your itinerary!) We have developed a unique route that begins from either Hacienda Petac or Merida.  [Continue Reading…]

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A Celestún flamingo tour…why are people flocking there?

Less than two hours from Hacienda Petac you can find the small town of Celestún. The fishing village is well known for the Parque Natural del Flamenco Mexicano, (also known as the Celestun Biosphere) a 147,500-acre wetland reserve.


Although the reserve is better known for their colony of Greater Flamingo, it is home to over 300 other species of birds that pass through during migration or live there.  [Continue Reading…]

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