Virgin of Guadalupe—The Queen of Mexico


The month of December teems with holidays, saints’ days, and festivals throughout Mexico and the Yucatan. As in most other Catholic countries, the beginning of December marks the time to celebrate the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This holiday, near and dear to our hearts here at Hacienda Petac, features a few weeks of masses and pilgrimages that culminate in a feast for the Virgin Mary on December 8th.  [Continue Reading…]

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Museums in Merida—A Visitors Guide

Merida Museums Map


As the capital of the Mexican state of Yucatán and home to over 970,000 people, the city of Mérida, just half an hour from Hacienda Petac, is the peninsula’s cultural fulcrum. Long time home to museums, galleries and theaters, the city’s denotation as “Cultural Capital of the Americas” in 2000 worked to further encourage the celebration of Yucatecan history and culture.  [Continue Reading…]

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Yucatán Food Recipes: Panuchos

This classic Yucatecan snack can be found at restaurants and street vendors all around our area. Our favorites, though, are the ones we make ourselves. Here at Hacienda Petac we begin the cooking process by puffing up our homemade tortillas and filling them with little pockets of black beans.  [Continue Reading…]

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