Hacienda Colors: The History of Maya Blue

Maya blue was the color of Chaak, the rain god. It seemed fitting while renovating Hacienda Petac, that we include the pigment within the Chapel. As you can see below, it became the Chapel’s most striking element.


Maya is a remarkable turquoise-blue pigment blue that was used in the Classic (AD 250 to 900) and Post-Classic (10th to 16th Century) Period of Maya civilization.  [Continue Reading…]

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Cenotes of The World and The Yucatán

Cenotes are beautiful and mysterious. You may have seen pictures of these intriguing turquoise pools of water in the Yucatán. Take a look at the infographic below. You’ll discover a number of surprising facts—from why the Maya used them for human sacrifices to the name and location of the largest, deepest cenote in the world.  [Continue Reading…]

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