El Spa

Tucked within a serenely private garden, the pavilions of the Casas Maya Spa will beckon you to linger. A grand and elegant twist on the traditional Mayan village, this luxurious health and beauty compound brings another resort detail to our private villa experience. It has been designed solely for the personal enjoyment of our guests. Another beautiful setting to share only with friends.


The spa compound blends flawlessly with the warmth of our small luxury resort.

Enjoy a classic Mayan massage, or a soothing aloe vera facial. Try a clay wrap, or choose a relaxing manicure and pedicure. Take a hydrotherapy soak in the Jacuzzi, or a refreshing plunge under the cold water cascade. Catch a nap on the daybed; or, sip a coconut water that your staff has pulled straight from the tree. And, if leisure needs a little fuel, work out peacefully in our professionally equipped gym with wonderful views of the tranquil yoga garden.


Quiet, secluded and all yours.

Casa Maya Spa Classic Massages



One of our most popular treatments, this massage blends therapeutic and aromatic essences with massage to detoxify and rejuvenate your body and mind. Through the application of precise pressure at crucial body points, your locked-up stresses will be released. With the masseuse’s gentle touch, circulation will improve as muscle pain and fatigue melt away. Peace and energy are restored as your body regains its full range of movement. An overall feeling of deep relaxation remains. Warm, natural oils are used during this 60-minute treatment.

$60 USD


This traditional Mayan technique incorporates a soothing mixture of warm stones, natural oils, and curative plant extracts which combine to vitalize and rejuvenate the body and soul. Mayan tradition holds that the stones received their energy from the sun and the earth over thousands of years. They contain iron and magnesium basalt. When heated and soaked in warm natural oils and other curative plant extracts, the stones’ healing powers seeps deep into tissue. This treatment combines the intuitive touch of the masseuse to balance and release energy. It will relax your body, reduce tension, and oxygenate the skin to help your energy flow. This head to toe massage is a 60-minute treatment.

$60 USD


Bamboo has a unique energy and a special magnetism. It emerges from the earth and grows straight up as if reaching for the heavens. From this plant, and this energy, our masseuses fashion their bamboo tools. The smooth, rolling rhythm of the bamboo masterfully crosses over muscles to achieve a soothing, therapeutic release for the tired and sore body. The width of the bamboo varies as does the pressure of the touch. The masseuse skillfully kneads the bamboo stalks and warm oils deep into tissues and muscles to revitalize and rejuvenate your whole body and soul. This massage to calm the body and spirit is a 60-minute treatment.

$60 USD


This deep tissue massage is a concentrated stretch and pressure point full-body treatment that works particularly well on stressed spots throughout the body. Every tired area gets a deluxe rejuvenation as a combination of warm natural oils, different pressures, and soft to light pulling stretches put you into a lingering dream-like state. This exquisite treatment is 90-minutes.

$90 USD

Beauty and Well Being Body Wraps



The Yucatan is famous for its honey. While the flavor is ambrosia of taste and scent, the medicinal properties are legendary. In this wrap we have combined soothing raw honey with rose petals to give you an experience of total relaxation. After a full-body exfoliation and cleansing you will be wrapped in the warmth of local honey and rose petals. Aches and soreness melt away as the warm honey is massaged into your tired body. The experience is further complemented with a relaxing foot massage. The final touch is a full-body massage using our in-house coconut cream. This delicious treatment is 65-minutes.

$70 USD


The therapeutic properties of our local Chicxulub clay will gently draw toxins from the body and rejuvenate the skin. In this treatment your whole body will be exfoliated, cleansed, toned, massaged, and softened. Impurities are released leaving luminosity and a silky softness to the skin. A classic treatment for rejuvenating, refreshing and renewing the skin. A purifying wrap of 65-minutes, but you will feel the benefits for days.

$70 USD


Aloe Vera, also known as Sabila, is a miraculous plant with well known moisturizing and curative properties. Sabila soothes and calms even the most sensitive, sun-burned or damaged skin. It begins the healing process and stimulates new cell reproduction. In this treatment, the Sabila is applied as a full body balm and then sealed in organic manta. A relaxing foot massage stimulates the blood flow and circulation as the Sabila works its magic. A gentle massage and a final application of coconut cream complete this luxurious experience. All skin types benefit from this 65-minute wrap.

$70 USD

Facial Treatments



Chocolate, native to Mexico, was revered by the ancient Maya for its rich taste and hailed as a source of great energy. It was the drink of the nobility. Today chocolate is known to contain anti-oxidants which are reputed to prevent free radicals from damaging the skin’s elastin, collagen, and other protein. These anti-oxidants help smooth wrinkles. The ingredients in this rejuvenating and therapeutic facial include ground chocolate and a special blend of chocolate essences. This special chocolate-based cleansing and mask will leave skin clean, soft and refreshed. A soothing hand and foot massage with warm natural oils completes it. This 60-minute treatment is especially beneficial for persons with dry, sensitive skin.

$65 USD


We know that aloe vera, often called sabila, helps to regenerate damaged skin cells. It cleans and heals sensitive skin. What better ingredient to use in a facial than aloe vera? The Esthetician begins the facial with a special product which has a blend of milk, extract of orchid, and other gentle ingredients. After toning the skin and exfoliating the face with a ground sugar and aloe vera mixture, she will again tone the face with rose water before massaging the skin with aloe vera gel. As a clay and mineral mask works to detoxify and purify your face, a hand and foot massage will relax you A final step of this soothing and healing facial is an application of a moisturizing cream with orchid extract. Although this 60-minute treatment is good for all skin-types, it is especially good for dry, sensitive, sun-damaged skin.

$65 USD


This facial utilizes the refreshing and moisturizing properties of our rose water-and fresh coconut cream, plus the added benefits of a product from Spain that uses the softening and skin rejuvenating properties found in certain orchids. Following a full facial cleansing and toning, the specialist will gently exfoliate your skin. Our freshly made coconut cream is applied to smooth the skin before another toning with orchid lotion. A gentle massage follows. While the mask is working to soften and detoxify your skin, a hand and foot massage with warm natural oils will relax you. Finally, your face will again be cleansed and toned with rose water, followed by another application of orchid cream to soften wrinkles and tighten pores. This facial will leave your skin looking healthy and more youthful. This 60-minute facial is especially beneficial for mature skin types.

$65 USD

Manicure and Pedicure Treatments are each available at a cost of $15 USD.